What does MedicaInsure Offer?

MedicaInsure is a bespoke indemnity scheme designed specifically for, and exclusive to, consultants who practise at Spire Healthcare.

The scheme has been running for over seven years and has been designed to reflect each consultant's individual practice and experience. It recognises Spire Healthcare's high clinical quality by saving consultants up to 40% on their indemnity costs for work undertaken at any Spire hospital. It is important to note however, that MedicaInsure will also cover any Private Practice outside of Spire.

  • A+ rated insurer security
  • Designed in partnership with consultants
  • Long-term insurer commitment
  • Continuation of cover after death, disablement or permanent retirement
  • Broad policy coverage
  • Covers all Private Practice
  • First-rate claims handling from experienced advisers
  • Your own named account executive
  • Total confidentiality, as you deal directly and exclusively with your adviser and insurer
  • Premium rated on procedures, not only on income
  • Broker and insurer performance continually monitored by Spire