CFC Underwriting

With over 15 years in the class we now insure over 25,000 companies in 60 different countries against cyber attacks. We have the largest specialist cyber underwriting team in the London market and an unparalleled claims and product infrastructure. We currently underwrite one of the largest intellectual property accounts in the world, with the biggest specialist team in London focussing on patent pursuit and defence. We provide cover on a global basis for a wide range of clients from innovative start-ups through to established multi-nationals. Our specialist teams are constantly researching and developing new insurance products to meet the needs of the changing world, including the internet of things, the sharing economy and the development of cutting edge medical technology.

We have designed and built a unique platform to automatically quote and bind standalone terrorism insurance with limits up to $200m and total insured values of up to $2bn, reducing the time to quote from weeks to less than five minutes. Our custom built online platform for marine piracy has significantly streamlined the process for quoting single transit business, supporting dramatically reduced minimum premiums within this competitive class. We continue to attract highly specialist underwriting teams in areas such as transaction liability, product recall and contingency, where we believe there is a real opportunity to provide highly differentiated and modernised coverage.

We create products that customers want to buy rather than the ones insurers want to sell by ensuring each policy is designed specifically for the industry it is intended for and blending the critical areas of cover into one easy to read policy form. Our cross class forms are modular by design and ensure that small businesses can procure all of their major commercial insurances in one simple transaction and from one single provider, reducing gaps in cover and the potential for disputes whilst also increasing transactional efficiency. Supported by our in-house application development team, we have developed a variety of unique applications and delivery mechanisms for a wide variety of established classes including the bespoke integration of our quoting engine into a number of third party platforms and customer facing systems.

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CFC Underwriting

Euna Underwriting

Euna is a managing general agent (MGA) with a fluid approach to commercial underwriting. We deliver specialist products to UK regional insurance brokers and beyond. Our growing team of expert underwriters aim to cultivate long-term relationships with our brokers, built on mutual trust and shared ambitions.
Euna's success is a product of our excellent service and delivery of creative solutions. We work closely with a network of UK regional insurance brokers. The brokers we work with appreciate our underwriting skills, the speed of our service and how our exclusivity can help them gain a competitive advantage.
We have built trusted, long-term relationships because we understand each other's businesses, strengths and ambitions.

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Euna Underwriting

W/R/B Underwriting

“Founded in 1967. W.R. Berkley Corporation is an  insurance holding company that is among the largest commercial lines  insurers in the United States comprising of over 54 operating units worldwide. Being part of this corporation allows W/R/B Underwriting to participate in specialised areas of  insurance, whilst also being agile enough to react fast, sustain  longevity in our markets and develop innovative products.
At W/R/B Underwriting, we aim to combine the  excellent reputation and trading environment that is the hallmark of  Lloyd's with the expertise and resources available to member companies  of W. R. Berkley Corporation.  W/R/B  Underwriting brings together leading  products and deep sector knowledge and is committed to delivering  intelligent underwriting. Our presence inside and outside of Lloyd's  gives us the platform to react positively and pragmatically  to our clients' needs in an ever-changing market place, helping us  develop and maintain lasting relationships.

With  a wealth of experience, our Medical Malpractice team has proven  underwriting expertise offering tailored solutions, flexible products  and authoritative underwriting. Innovation  and creativity being key, our team was amongst the first to offer  commercial Medical Malpractice insurance to surgeons and we continue to  carry this thinking through into all solutions offered to our clients.

In  addition to Medical Malpractice we are able to consider cover for  public/general liability, Loss of Documents, Breach of Professional  Confidentiality, Inquest Costs, Good Samaritan  Acts and GMC/GDC Investigation Costs. A range of both individual  practitioners and organisations can benefit from our Medical Malpractice  cover including, but not limited to: Complimentary Health  Practitioners, Dentists, Consultants and Surgeons as well as  Hospitals, Clinics, Rehabilitation Centres, Hospices, Pathology Labs  & Diagnostic Centres, Domiciliary Care Providers and Care Homes.

We write worldwide from the Lloyd's market and are complemented by an experienced claims management team.”

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W/R/B Underwriting