What premium reductions can I expect?

Each individual Consultant is looked at on a case-by-case basis and premiums charged will depend on a number of factors and not solely income and speciality. Due to the in-depth look at your practice, premiums can be expected to be 15-20% lower than the medical defence organisations (MDO).

Is cover available to all Consultants?

MedicaInsure has a panel of 4 Insurers and therefore each Insurer will assess each consultant on their own merits. However, we have the ability to offer cover to all specialities.

Will I be dealing with a call centre?

Lockton has been chosen because it offers an experienced medical indemnity team. Scheme members will be speaking to one of the team, and will have a name and direct line number. All of the team understand the constraints on a consultant's time, and are available out of hours.

Will Runoff cover be provided?

In the event of death, retirement or permanent cessation of your private practice, the policy protects you continually for at least 21 years. The reason for the minimum 21 year period is to ensure that you are covered for all possible claims under the legal Stature of limitations.

What happens if I receive a patient complaint?

We understand that in the event of a complaint, first-rate support is paramount. Thereby we have a 24-hour helpline available, providing immediate and expert advice. Medical and Legal professionals are on hand to ensure that any matter can be dealt with quickly, effectively and empathetically.

What happens if I am unable to continue practicing due to ill health?

Run-off cover will be provided for at least 21 years.

How does MedicaInsure compare to the cover provided by an MDO?

We offer Contractual Indemnity in the form of an insurance policy. This provides you with broad cover under a legally binding contract, unlike MDO cover which is discretionary and is left to their discretion whether a complaint/claim is handled.

What is the difference between Contractual Indemnity and Discretionary cover offered by the Medical Defence Organisations?

Discretionary cover merely entitles you to ask for assistance and indemnity when an adverse event leads to the need for assistance on how to deal with it or results in a formal claim. You have no guarantee of indemnity cover, only the right to have your request considered reasonably. Discretionary indemnity is not allowed in other EU member states (except Ireland and Malta), which either have state indemnity or require insurance. Discretionary indemnity has no independent influencers in the event of a disagreement.


Contractual indemnity which is what would be offered by the insurers is provided by way of a contractual guarantee in the form of an insurance policy. The policy clearly stipulates what is covered and what is excluded and you have the ability to make an informed decision and always be aware of where you stand with regards to coverage. Contractual indemnity is provided by insurers who are also governed through the Financial Conduct Authority and have a transparent complaint and arbitration process managed by an indemnity Ombudsman.

Will I be dealing with a call centre?

MedicaInsure has been chosen because it offers an experienced medical indemnity team. You will have a dedicated account handler with their direct line for any queries that you may have. All of the team understand the constraints of a consultant's time and are available out of hours.

Is there a policy excess, whereby consultants meet the first amount of any paid claim?

On the whole no, but the premiums can be reduced should a consultant wish to carry an excess.

What happens if I join MedicaInsure and after a few years decide to switch to another insurer or back to my original provider?

You will always be free to switch provider. Lockton will advise you, at no cost, as to the particular issues you will need to consider, which will depend on your specific circumstances at the time. It is usual for a new indemnity provider to give advice around this and provide retrospective cover where necessary. However, if switching to a discretionary provider, such as the MDU, they may not be willing to provide this although they have done in the past at no additional cost. In this situation, we will advise you to ensure you have no gaps in cover.

What if the income I earn during the year exceeds the estimate I gave. Will I be required to pay an additional premium?

No additional premium will be charged. Each year, you will be assessed not only on your income, but other factors such as procedure numbers and the nature of the work undertaken. Unlike other indemnifiers, our Insurers do not base your indemnity on income.

I belong to a group of Surgeons, can the group apply and will there be a further discount?

Yes, all group will be assessed on their own merits and a further discount may be offered to individuals that sign up together.

I occasionally work overseas; does this policy cover me for this work?

The policy only covers work in the UK as standard. However, we encourage you to discuss your full practice with the MedicaInsure team. Depending on the circumstances, the policy can be extended to cover overseas activities.

I undertake work for professional sports clubs, is this policy appropriate?

Many consultants are unaware that they may not have MDO cover in the event of a claim being brought by a sports club for negligence and the subsequent loss of revenue, as well as the patient, following treatment. Depending on your individual circumstances, MedicaInsure may not be suitable for you at present, although we do have an alternative provider who can help.